Role of a Lifetime


Friday Fictioneers, you know the drill: one photo, one hundred words. If you haven’t been following, hop on over to Rochelle‘s page and see where all we’ve been. This week’s photo is courtesy of Kent Bonham.

“What the hell is this? Game of Bones?”



“Game of Thrones. And no.”

“Then what, the Ripper? I heard FX had rights.”

“No, sir.”

“Some assistant—you bring me to set for a cameo and this stinking alley is what you give me to work with?”

“You’re a legend, sir. We didn’t think you needed prep.”

“Damned straight. Hey—what’s with the knife? Is this a Scorcese project? That old bastard.”

The blade slid in and out of the aging actor’s insides as smoothly as a prop.

“I told you, sir, it was a role to die for.”



What can I say, Friday Fictioneers always racks up the body count. 

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