Flash Fiction

Each Friday, Chuck Wendig hosts a Flash Fiction Challenge where he provides a prompt for a 1,000 word fiction piece. They are weird, wild, and sometimes downright disturbing, but always fun. Here are my stories from oldest to newest.

The Fall of the House of Hawkins
For the Price of a Song
Playing With Fire
Trailers and Tailgates
Vegas is the Meanest Town
Another Brick in the Wall
A Cog in the Machine
Just Add Vermouth
The Groundskeeper
Land of the Free, Home of the BigMac
Just A Little Jazz
Réquiem Ætérnem
Dead Girl’s Slave
1,000 Word Story in V Parts – Part I
1,000 Word Story in V Parts – Part II
1,000 Word Story in V Parts – Part III
1,000 Word Story in V Parts – Part IV
Cerulean Rider
Street Rats Part I
Dirty Secrets
In the Cards
Therefore I Am

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction

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  3. Hi Hannah! Just stumbled across your website. I’m setting up a blog for a friend who writes poetry. Found your site on WordPress. Then I come to find that you are follower of Chuck Wendig. I’ve been reading his blog for a few years now but have yet to participate in the flash fiction. I always wondered how someone would layout their blog to include something like this. Now I know.

    Looks like you haven’t done any flash fiction since March. I think you should start back up again. The last few looked like fun. Actually, they almost always look like fun. 🙂

    • Thank you!! It took me a while to find a good blog layout but I’ve been pretty happy with this one. I haven’t looked at the challenges in a while but you’re right–I need to get back to them. If you like these, you might check out 1:1000 and the pieces I wrote for them!


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