Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between

Jakob Van Helsing lives every day with the reminder that things are not as they seem. Descended from the great Abraham Van Helsing himself, Jakob is fighting the same battles in new ways. When a cold case reopens and sends him to America, he has no idea that he’ll be pursing something even the original Van Helsing would have feared to face.

Delancey St. Clair is exactly where he pictured he’d be—a rising star at the law firm Holler, Grim, Alberich & Mors in Boston. With a string of victories in his pocket and commendation from the Partners, Del knows he only has to play his hand right to secure his destiny. When a mysterious email arrives demanding a meeting, Del knows that the sender will dredge up the past. What neither can know is that the past is far from dead or buried–but will do the best to make sure he is.

Mina Volkov has been running from the horrors of her past for as long as she can remember–changing her hair, her address, and her name. When she settles in Boston, she finds that everything (and everyone) she has been fleeing might be closer than she thinks. The one person she wants to trust is also the one who could bring the nightmares of her childhood out into the daylight.

The Initiative

The Firm

Old Friends

Whisky and Reminiscences

Waking Nightmares

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