Short Story Live on 1:1000

I stumbled across 1:1000 when another blogger (Justice of Manuscripts & Marginalia) posted a story they’d written. This website is wonderful–it pairs writers and photographers together, matching ONE photograph with  a ONE THOUSAND word story from a writer.

I’m honored to have had a story accepted and it’s live now! Go check out my story, Wheels, and the rest of the site. It’s filled with amazing photos and equally brilliant stories.

10 thoughts on “Short Story Live on 1:1000

  1. Ah….. the tricky comma positioning one…. nice to see this completed. You’re amazing at creating characters, with real, complex emotions and motivations. This is a perfect example of that.

    • Your Wolf Girls post is what led me there! I tried to remember how I ended up there–should have searched the website. So thank you for that! They seem like a great bunch!

  2. Hey. So that website looks fascinating. And perhaps a good way for me to get my writing butt in gear (I love working with an image).
    But I did have a question (though I know you aren’t the owner of the blog). I noticed that it looks like all the contributors use real names on there. Do you know if that is required? I know it seems a mite cowardly, but I would prefer to keep my anonymity and use a “Pen” name (haha!).

    Also, just finished “Wheels”. Absolutely adored it. So much unsaid that makes it even more finely composed 🙂

    • So glad you liked Wheels!

      I would suggest emailing the submissions email and asking–I think they would be willing to work with you (THEY might need to know your real name/first name but they might be okay with publishing under a Pen (heh) name). This is the first time I contributed so I’m not sure!

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