Tweakers – A Zombie Tale

Evie Carpenter, better known as E unless you want the sharp side of her tongue or one of her hunting knives, is just trying to survive. When the government’s plan to eradicate drug addicts using a new drug to exterminate them goes awry, it creates a new breed of no-longer-humans known as “tweakers.” Society crumbles as the mindless predators spread their poison through their infected blood. Lucky for E, she knows her way around a fight. When her not-so-ex-husband catches up with her in Louisiana after she loses the last member of her group, she’s forced to weigh her chances of survival on her own against traveling with the man she believes she hates.

Part I – The Ungrateful Dead

Part II – Stings

Part III – One Way Ticket

Part IV – Turbulence

Part V – Vegas is the Meanest Town

Part VI –House Rules

Part VII – Trouble Part I

Part VIII – Trouble Part II

Part IX – Showdown Part I

Part X – Showdown Part II

Part XI – All Falls Down

Part XII Fight or…

Part XIII …Flight

XIV – All or Nothing

Part XV Cold in the Desert

Part XVI “It’s a Cold and it’s a Broken Hallelujah”

Part XVII The True North Strong and Free

25 thoughts on “Tweakers – A Zombie Tale

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  2. Great introduction, and YES, I think that being well organized like this is a great way to show your readers you want them to read and enjoy!

  3. This is the only way to be. When I started the W.C., the first thing I did was get organized. There’s a shit load of stuff on my blog, but the way it’s organized, I figure people can pick and choose, and ignore what they want to, rather than try to sort through it all in some sort of chronological order. Blah to chronology, that’s what I say. (Actually, that’s the first time I’ve ever said that — what do you think? Could it catch on, or should we just try to ignore it and move on with our lives?)

    • When I realized we had the same blog layout and that I COULD organize all of my stuff in tabs, I started trying to do that to some extent. I never really intended to write serially, so it just developed that way. I had several people (my mother included) that were confused about how Evie and Owen got from A to B since I was writing them out of order.

      I think it will definitely catch on, you should try to use it in a sentence today. Or another sentence. Not on a blog…

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