All The King’s Men

Friday Fictioneers–look at the photo, write a story circa 100 words, and click the blue frog to link your story or read other tall tales.

Photo by Sean Fallon


The king’s men I can understand—they’ve got hands, they can use tools; they know their way around a hot glue gun. It’s the horses that really get me. They don’t even have opposable thumbs. And they make me sneeze.

Do you know how hard it is to sneeze when your head isn’t connected to the rest of your body? It’s no picnic, let me tell you. So here I am. Humphrey Dumphie—what a name, right?—in pieces because the king just had to go and volunteer me for his favorite magician’s new magic trick.  

Screw you, Criss Angel.

25 thoughts on “All The King’s Men

  1. Humphrey Dumphie, that’s what comes of sitting on the fence. Great take on the prompt.
    (Out of interest, is Humphrey Dumphie the name you know the nursery rhyme by or did you make it up?)

    • Poor Humpty. Thank you! No–I learned it as Humpty Dumpty, but I decided to give him the new name in the thought that, over time, he would earn his less flattering nickname and become legendary.

      • Changing names to protect the innocent (or avoid libel) is always a good idea : ) Masterstroke with the glue-guns BTW. I can see why the horses wouldn’t want to touch them.

      • Yes, I’d rather not face a lawsuit from Grimm & Grimm…nasty imaginations those two have.

        Haha I honestly didn’t even think about the horse-glue angle…I was just thinking about the lack of thumbs. That’s great!

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