Southern Summer Night – Work in Progress

Southern Summer Night is the working title for a WIP that began as a short story for an undergraduate class. I am currently working on developing it as a short story collection and possibly my graduate thesis.

All Beau wants is to get out of the small town where his mother died, his sister was taken away, and his father sits in their trailer drinking away his days and what was once Beau’s college fund. When an opportunity arises that may finally give him the chance to escape, will it be worth the cost? He may discover that no matter how far you run, you always come back home.

The following pieces were developed as Flash Fiction pieces and can be read alone, but are part of Beau’s story.

Trailers and Tailgates

No Sleep Tonight (The piece that earned an appearance on Freshly Pressed!)

2 thoughts on “Southern Summer Night – Work in Progress

  1. This is a silly question, but I really like your site and your writings and want to follow you! Unfortunately the “follow” button has evaded me, could you point me in the right direction?

    • Hi! Not a silly question–all blogs call look different. If you are a WordPress user, there should be a follow button in the little black bar at the very top of your screen.

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