Writing at Night

Too many thoughts in my head.
Cacophony of characters crying out: “Breathe me! Tell me! Be me!”
Yawning, groaning, gaping plot holes that need filling; not enough shovels.
A knotted chain of roads and destinations; can’t find the map.
Too much cauliflower and not enough meat.
Dozens of half-animated corpses twitching on the table—not enough lightning to power them.
The ugly un-thing born of writer’s block and inspiration, of second guessing.
Of self-guessing, Of self-doubting.
Time for us all to go to sleep.

13 thoughts on “Writing at Night

  1. That has so much of yourself in it, darling, you should be proud. Sometimes the best writing is the frustrated “why the flying expletive-deleted can’t I write” writing, and isn’t the irony so delicious you just want to dip it cream, roll it in sugar and suck on it in a way that would make all of the men in the room wonderfully uncomfortable?

    • As always your words are, as the kids say ;), “right on the money.” Thank you for that imagery that has me both amused and mildly uncomfortable!

  2. Loooooove this. Those damn characters need to shut their traps sometimes. God. Let me have a life. And sleep. Ya jerks

    Oooh. Now I want mashed cauliflower. Have you had that before? It’s a potato “alternative”, though I prefer it. I think it’s a richer, creamier food anyway. Om nom nom nom.

    • Last night they just were all there jabbering and none of them were making sense. *sigh*
      Please provide me with your recipe! I tried to make it once and it was…not quite a disaster…but a straw would have been better than a spoon. I LOVE roasted cauliflower.

      • That does sound good! I think my recipe just used water–I’ve been very interested in the paleo diet, since I’m on a similar regimen due to allergies!

      • I hiiiiiighly recommend the Paleo diet. It’s done some great things for me. It helps the most with my migraines and it the least triggering for my whole ED aspect.

      • A lot of it is great but they also have a lot of things that I’m not supposed to eat—certain meats etc. And there’s a lot of carbs I can’t have either. Not fun for someone who loves steak and pasta!

      • …there shouldn’t be any carbs in a Paleo diet. Sometimes there’s a “starchy” sort of substitute (like with the cauli-mash or sweet potato stuff).

        I understand the meat thing. I have friends who have issues with certain meat. I’m lucky enough that it’s one of the few foods that my body handles really well, even in high variety. And I’m a bit of a meataholic 😉

      • Who knows what I was reading…you can never trust Google, Or more likely, what i was MISreading. I’ll definitely check out some more recipes on that site! Luckily grass-fed beef and bison are acceptable—anytime there’s a bison burger on the menu, I know what I’m ordering!

      • Mmmm. I’m a sucker for bison too. There was a local farm that used to sell bison and ostrich meat at the market and I could never get enough. Not sure what happened to them… 😦

      • sad! There’s a burger/hotdog place in town that’s all wild game. I haven’t quite been able to try the kangaroo…it’s the one thing with a face that makes me a little bit sad. But the ostrich always sounds good…next time! 😉

      • I like ostrich a lot. Not really that poultry-eqse. A bit more like beef, but like a very very delicate beef. Definitely addictive.

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