Darling, It’s Better

I decided to do something fun this week, since I don’t want to scare any more people out of the water.

For those of you that don’t know, this is Friday Fictioneers. Look at the photo, write a little 100 word story and link it back with the blue froggy so everyone can enjoy.

© Jan Wayne Fields

© Jan Wayne Fields

         The iron woman stood out against the slate coloured sky. Meris watched the boat putt towards it, taking care not to inhale its fumes. All the colors Above were muted tones of gray, but she liked to watch the boats and stare up at the giant statue woman.
         She felt something grab her and disappeared under the water, shoving her sister Rilla in the shoulder. The two dove down further, their iridescent tails propelling them into deep. A riot of colors—blues, greens, and the rainbow scales of a thousand creatures—met Meris’ eyes as they broke into the great Below.

And if this isn’t stuck in your head after reading…it is now.

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