The Dance

Friday Fictioneers–your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a story of 100 words using the photo as your inspiration.

copyright - Renee Heath

copyright – Renee Heath

        Why did she have to pick that corner to dance? Jonathan shook his head. Might as well ask the sun not to shine here. They’d repainted the fire-hydrant. Bright, vibrant red. It probably didn’t remind anyone else of blood.
        She was just running across the street to Bidwell Exchange. The scream of brakes on ice, the horrible crunch. He was too far away, trying to persuade their lab puppy not to mark that hydrant as his own.
        Jonathan looked back over at the twirling girl, spinning so fast she seemed to stand still. He smiled. Lauren would have liked that.

41 thoughts on “The Dance

    • I know! I literally pulled the name off the cover of a magazine and then saw it in another story. The dancer survived in this one though! Glad you liked the video and the story. Thanks, Doug!

  1. Lovely story. On a side note, that was my high school class song. It seemed a rather odd choice to send us off into the world, but well… I was outvoted. It fits your story perfectly, however! 🙂

  2. The story is sad, but the song is even sadder. It holds memories of the loss of both of my father in law and mother in law. They were wonderful people that were taken from us way too soon.

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