If you’ve been following along, you’re probably familiar with SINGULARITY–a project I had the opportunity and honor to be part of. In case you missed some things along the way–or still aren’t sure exactly what SINGULARITY is all about–here’s a round up of all the posts and promotions. Teasers, trailers, scary stories–they’re all here!

All Hallows Eve

Photo courtesy of my lovely friend A. Haltom

Photo courtesy of my lovely friend A. Haltom

Since the extent of my Halloween festivities will probably be binge watching some Supernatural after work (which is not that different from what I do on the average night), here are some of the scary, spooky, and downright spine-tingling (or so I’ve been told) stories that have scattered this space over the past few weeks and months. This isn’t a trick, rather, I hope it’s a treat for your senses and gets you into a ghoulish mood for your Halloween.

Death and Destruction are Never Satisfied

What Never Dies

Croisse des Chemins

Tenderly Turned to Dust

Requiem Aeternam


There is A House in New Orleans


If Zombies are your cup of tea and you’ve got free time for a longer tale, then check out Tweakers