I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m not not quite sure

Chuck Close said that “Inspiration is for amateurs” but I’d like to disagree. I can see how inspiration can easily become just another excuse, or a crutch, but I find it helpful rather than harmful.

I find two things inspire me easily. One is photography–whether I’m taking photos or just looking at them, there’s something about looking at interesting or intriguing pictures that kickstarts something in me. It’s the beginning of my first real winter here as a new New Englander and I can’t even handle how gorgeous freshly fallen snow is in a city like Boston. It makes me feel. I took a long walk in the snow (my first snow here!) and took pictures until my phone died. I’d left my headphones at a friend’s place so it was just me and that peculiar silence that snow settles on a city. 




As hinted above, I’m rarely without my headphones. I spend a lot of time listening to music. It always gets my brain moving–even if I’m just thinking or remembering or, hell, crying. In case anyone else is in an inspiration desert (not that deserts can’t be inspiring but…cut me some slack here), I’m going to post my current “playlist” as it were. 

Bastille – (Technically the whole Bad Blood Album) Pompeii

Bastille – Flaws

Bastille – Daniel in the Den

The Ballroom Thieves – Wait for the Water

The Ballroom Thieves – Delia

The Ballroom Thieves – Save Me

Joshua James – Crash This Train

All Good Things – Invincible 

Twin Forks – Back To You

Greg Laswell – Comes and Goes (in Waves)

Snow Patrol – This Isn’t Everything You Are


*Disclaimer I have not watched most of the videos linked here so apologies if (a) the quality isn’t great or (b) there’s anything inappropriate