Featured on 1:1000: Comfort

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One for One Thousand is a collective of writers and photographers creating stories with a single picture and a story of one thousand words. It’s a pleasure to have my writing featured on their site with a hauntingly lovely photo from Daniel Vidal. Click the photo above to read “Comfort” on the site.

If you’re interested in other pieces I’ve written for 1:1000, see Wheels and Fishing Lessons.

Featured on One for One Thousand: Fishing Lessons

I’m excited to be part of 1:1000 again. If you haven’t found your way to this site, I highly recommend it. Gorgeous photos and lyrical writing pair two of my favorite expressions of art through writing and photography. The writers and photographers are all so talented and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Read it here: Fishing Lessons  (amazing photo courtesy of Blake Bronstad)

My first story on 1:1000 was Wheels (fabulous photo by Emily Blincoe)