Friday Fictioneers: One photo, one story of 100 words.

© Janet Webb

© Janet Webb

There are things you know you’ll miss—for me it was cheeseburgers, that particular satisfaction of drinking a cold beer after a long day out on the lake. Then there are the people; the ones who grow old and fade away, leaving you alone like the last skeletal leaf clinging to a tree when the snow starts falling. That part was harder, watching parents and friends wither into nothing, into food for worms. They didn’t tell me I would miss my reflection, that I would slowly forget my own face. Sometimes, I’m not certain I exist. Then, I get thirsty.

27 thoughts on “Reflect

  1. Nicely written….
    sorry it’s such a sad and lonely life, but that”s as empathetic asIi wish to get.
    Now I’m out of here.
    Sorry if that makes you lonelier, but self-preservation is the key.
    After all, isn’t that what you’re trying to achieve, too?!


    • Thank you, Rochelle! My first ever participation in FF was another mirror story and another vampire–I think it’s kind of a fun benchmark to see my own progress. If I may say so myself, I think this one is much better than the first.

  2. Hannah, I could just see Dracula eating a cheeseburger and drinking beer. I suppose it would be to a vampire’s advantage to try and fit in, as it would be easier to lure victims. They might like blood sausage. Some non-vampires like that. Good, well-written story. 🙂 —Susan

    • Susan–all I can think of now is Count Chocula. Maybe they can still taste “human food” after all! I’m picturing Dracula in a flannel, brooding over a PBR, like any good undead hipster should. Glad you liked it!!

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