It’s Aliiiiiiiiiive

Siren’s Call Publications has just released their newest anthology– Voices From the Gloom Volume II –featuring yours truly! Check out my story and the amazing work by the other authors and creators of the anthology along with the other work produced by Siren’s Call!

© Siren's Call Publications

© Siren’s Call Publications

Voices from the Gloom – Volume 2

Our Voices from the Gloom series is an eclectic collection of tales that will echo in your mind, making you question what is real and what isn’t.

In this second volume, you’ll encounter ten stories that will send icy shivers down your spine. It includes tales of two brothers who find an opening into another world behind their grandparent’s home; a reporter sent to investigate a haunted house only to find out it holds a more nefarious secret; and the story of a woman searching for her lover but when she doesn’t find him, the tale takes a demented twist.

Get lost in the different voices, let their horrific nature speak to you from the spaces between the shadows. Allow them to get into your head and wring the marrow from your soul…

Contributing Authors:
Maynard Blackoak, Carson Buckingham, Alex Clarke, Kevin Holton, DW Gillespie, Erik Gustafson, Jacob Lambert, Patrick O’Neill, Hannah Sears, and J.T. Seate

Available for purchase at:
US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | Italy | Spain | France | Brazil | Japan | India | Mexico

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