This is beautifully haunting and poignant—might be a rough read for some, so proceed with caution.

Eunoia Review

early the pills pushed keys to open doors
behind which a voice huddled cringing in dim light

others brightened hues of lipstick roses crumbled in the rain
before a mower cut their muddy graves

or heightened flavors of coffee & tobacco
with sweet syrup from a lover’s breath

they performed surgeries
to remove nails bullets thumbprints from the brain

I didn’t realize I took so many tablets
to control my peripatetic wanderings

to sit still as I talked or wrote the nonsense that delights
the nougat in the meat of the milk chocolate

later I swallowed amber bottles plastic lids &
all to rid myself of myself

to forgive the devil gnawing my arm &
the god who stood there laughing at the wounds

oh how those capsules erased the lines blotted tastes
blurred the perfumed pages lost in some Dead Letter office

I couldn’t sing without my dose of…

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