Friday Fictioneers. It starts every Wednesday, led by Rochelle of the Purple Fields, and has one picture (by Ted Strutz this week) accompanied by a 100 word story. Like what you see? Click the froggy below to see the other participants’ work and click here to see past entries of mine!

Photo by Ted Strutz

Photo by Ted Strutz

         The tools reminded him of hours spent in the dentist’s chair, unfriendly hands delving into his teeth and gums. He suppressed a shudder and took a deep, cleansing breath to regain the necessary calm. The boat was pulling away, bound for a harbor booze cruise despite the leaden sky.
         He hummed the theme to “Gilligan’s Island” as he cut a circle out of the glass, careful to sever the safety mesh, too. His silenced rifle fit perfectly as he sighted down the barrel, aimed, and squeezed the trigger. The man on the deck staggered and slipped beneath the pewter waves.

Helena will be keeping track of the body count this week. Direct all complaints about bloodshed to her. Jessica B. Bell, on the other hand, likes bloodshed. I suggest you don’t rile her up.

30 thoughts on “Abscess

  1. HA! Thanks for the shout out, darling. You know, I don’t think I’ll be able to participate this week unless my workload decreases — I’m very busy at the moment. But yes, I saw this picture and my first thought was “A lot of people are going to be tortured and/or killed this week, aren’t they?” And then I heard Sir Lawrence Olivier constantly repeating “Is it safe?” and then you had to look up that cultural reference on the Interweb (hint: Marathon Man)

    • The dentist always makes me want to murder people. Ahem. Hypothetically. Fictionally. Where’s my lawyer?

      Well, now I don’t have to look it up…

    • I don’t know! I usually don’t read others’ before I write mine. I think it’s just the view–it’s secluded and can seem a little sinister if that’s your bent.

  2. I like the way he finds the time to muse about previous visits to the dentist and hum tunes while he calmly blows someone away!
    Don’t worry, I know better than to rile Jessica B Bell 🙂

    • I think there may be some other bodies, but I didn’t use “death by dentist” so, I’ll give myself points for that. I love using color in stories but I’m always afraid to overdo it–glad you liked it!

    • I was trying to think of some way to have a Gilligan-esque title, but I felt that was taking it too far–glad you caught it though! Thanks for reading, Doug.

  3. Dear Hannah,

    I’m surprised he didn’t shoot the dentist. Or was this Gilligan finally offing Skipper? Or perhaps the professor doing in Mr. Howell? Killer story.



  4. Dear Hannah, Wow, you have it all, plus a dead body! Good story, well told, and I do love the color pewter because that’s exactly how the sea looks sometimes. Start the body count this week Jessica! Love your story Hannah, – you are such a good writer! Nan 🙂

    • Thank you, Nan! I’ve been trying to find some better colors to spice up descriptions since I catch myself using the same ones over and over. Thank you so much for reading!

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