If you’ve been following along, you may recognize today’s protagonist from a previous Friday Fictioneers (one photo, one hundred words, one story) piece. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing him again–as he will almost certainly return, whether in another FF challenge, or something else altogether.

Photo by Jennifer Pendergast

         Jakob pulled his hat low, shading his eyes against the sun. The archway was unchanged. A stone portal that held no meaning for ninety-nine percent of the students who passed through it. But he remembered his walk beneath it, the eve after graduation.
         His grandfather waited beyond the arch, dark eyes and hollow cheeks emphasized by the glowing light of a small brazier at his side. Jakob remembered the goose-flesh pebbling his bare chest before the fiery brand seared into the flesh over his heart.
         The V had a double meaning–V for Van Helsing and for the Latin venator. Hunter.

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36 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. I think you mean “students who passed…” not “that”. Otherwise, I loved the sense of foreboding, the explanation in the name, and Jakob’s knowledge that the other students won’t see what he sees. Great stuff!

  2. I wasn’t expecting that!
    I wonder how many years it’s been since his graduation and if it’s now his turn to greet the next person in line to take up the mantle?

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