In Sheep’s Clothing

Friday Fictioneers and I are back. One photo, 100 words, one story.

© Sandra Crook

© Sandra Crook

Ana’s hands slipped on the steering wheel and she jerked the truck back onto the road. Ben would never have expected her to take the old farm truck. But, he’d come home early in as foul a temper and went into the study to pour a whiskey. She was gone as soon as she heard the ice clink in his glass. Thank God, I left the gate open, Ana thought as she put her foot to the floor of the derelict truck. The sounds of bleating sheep and Ben’s furious honking faded into the distance, like a nightmare upon waking.

23 thoughts on “In Sheep’s Clothing

    • Thank you! I didn’t really think of them being anything other than a barrier–I like the idea that they were her protectors, since they’re usually the ones needing protecting. Glad you enjoyed it!

  1. Oh, that’s clever, darling — having the sheep run interference like that. Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends.

    • Nan–Thank you! I decided to finally write a FF piece that had a happier ending than usual. No sheep were harmed in the making of this tale.

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