Rolling Fields of Green


Copyright – Danny Bowman

“Granda said it’s dragon. He fell asleep and the grass grew on him and he won’t wake up until the world ends.”

“Your Granda loved to tell stories; he told me that same one, too.” Patrick looked down at his son, who stared fixedly at the mound of grass. They’d spent a week in Ireland, packing up his father’s house.

“Did you feel that?” Connor’s blue eyes were huge. Patrick was about to ask him what he was talking about when the ground vibrated beneath their feet.

A few miles away, a  delivery truck rumbled over the uneven back roads. 



42 thoughts on “Rolling Fields of Green

  1. Nothing’s better than the tales your grandparents tell you when you’re still young and innocent enough to pump that kind of wonder into your world. You brought along a fantasy and infused it with a real-life scenario that is both poignant and kind of sad. Well done.

    • Thank you! I wish my grandparents would have told stories this interesting when I was little. Although, the ones they tell now that I’m older are entertaining in a totally different way. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hannah- There is a hill on the back highway into Boulder called Dragon Rock that is said to be a sleeping dragon. I still wait for it to move every time I drive past. Now I assumed the dragon awoke and it was the beginning of the end of the world. The earthquakes had started.

    • Oh, very cool! I haven’t been to Boulder but I like that a lot. It seems that even when I’m less open ended with my FF, they’re still open ended. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I like your interpretation.

  3. Dear Hannah,

    I hope Patrick never tells Connor what really made that rumble. At least not until he’s old enough to figure it out for himself. 😉 I could just see his big blue eyes, innocent and full of imagination. Nice one.



  4. For a moment there I thought that Granda’s story had come true -that it was an earthquake but heaved a sigh of relief to find only a delivery truck-a modern dragon? ;-)Cool take on the prompt Hannah:-)

  5. love the innocence in your young character…so wonderful when they are young and they listen to stories as you described with the wide eyes. very enjoyable story.

  6. Hannah,
    it kind of does look like a dragon. I hope Connor grows up to go excavate the hill and finds it’s a real dragon, although not Puff the Magic Dragon (thought that would really be a twist 🙂 ).

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