Have a Cup of Coffee and Learn a Little Something


The smell of freshly ground coffee, the comforting drip as it splashes into a cup, the foam of milk, and the dusting of cinnamon on the top. The barista hands you the Holy Grail, Chalice of Champions, with a sultry smile. “$4.95, please.” You hand over your card, dig out a few bills, or scan your smart phone without a second thought, ready to imbibe this cup of pure joy, the seductive aroma of the coffee tantalizing your senses.

That’s a $5 cup of coffee, my friend. You probably spent that much at least once or twice a week (and you North Easterners, don’t pretend that cup of Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t attached to your little gloved hand) without a second thought. Why? Because it’s $5. Never mind that you can get an entire sandwich for that price at some places. This is COFFEE. Brain fuel. 

So here’s a little thought. How about today, instead of going for that cup of coffee that you’re going to drink until your nerves are all abuzz only to capsize around noon, you wander on over to Helena Hann-Basquiat‘s Kickstarter and chip in. The great thing is, you don’t even really have to forego that coffee–you can give a dollar, $1. That can’t even buy you a candy bar these days BUT it can help out a fantastic project. Go take a look at the kickstarter page for Helena’s book, Memoirs of a Dilettante: Volume 1 (where all your questions will be answered and all your wildest dreams come true!!) and consider taking that money you spend on a fleeting cup of coffee and instead think about paying it forward.

Then, because you were such a kind, generous member of humanity, go get yourself a cup of coffee as a reward. Or tea. Or hot chocolate. Whatever your little, giving heart desires. 

3 thoughts on “Have a Cup of Coffee and Learn a Little Something

    • NO. They’re instructed to use their coffee money on kickstarter donations. Otherwise, brass knuckles.

      Just kidding, you can buy Helena coffee. If you support the Memoirs.

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