Time and Tide


Photo © David Stewart


She waited impatiently. The sun was almost at the apex. Reaching out, she ran her fingers along the surface of the old tarnished bell.

“The flowers look lovely this year,” he said.

She gasped and turned. He looked like one of the tour guides, but their clothes were costume and his were real. The wind blew and the bell chimed softly. He wound his fingers through hers.

“I’ve missed you, love,” he said.

He returned for twelve hours once a year on this, the anniversary of his death. This wasn’t how they had planned eternity together, but it was enough.

47 thoughts on “Time and Tide

  1. I like the twist at the end as well. I also like the description of how the tour guides’ uniforms were costumes. It may have sounded better if there was a period on the second ‘but’ in that sentence. Lol, sorry, I’m beginning to think being an English Tutor is more of a curse than a blessing!

  2. You are on fire. This was brilliant…. oh wait. Okay, it’s good, but I just realized what your inspiration for this was, and I’ll just leave it as brilliant and scold you privately. The writing’s great though… the bit about the clothes was a really nice touch, darling.

      • Someone — was it King Solomon or perhaps L’il Wayne — once said that there’s nothing new under the sun.
        I like to say that there are only so many stories out there, a writer’s job is just to dress them up in unfamiliar clothes. Like, say, sometimes they’re wearing Pirate garb, and other times, a Civil War uniform. Other times, baggy pants and bright red shoes; smelling of frying oil. Yuck.

    • And verily the Dilettante said unto Hannah, “I shalt no longer maketh arbitrary connections to Pirates of the Caribbean unless the word “argh” is usedeth.”

      • Right, right… I forgot… right after “Thou shalt not profane the good name of Johnny Depp; not even for his early work on 21 Jump Street. Further, anyone who brings up Don Juan Demarco shalt have their tongue dried up with leeches. Amen and amen.”

      • “Eye of rabbit, harp string hum, turn this water into rum!”

        Damn. Well, actually, I managed a weak tea this time…

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