Eyes of Blue, Lips of Red, Don’t Look Now, You Might be Dead

Helena has been doing some “unhappily ever afters” or, as I like to call them, “happily never afters” on her blog for some of the past Friday Fictioneers photo prompts. I hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing a princess this week and if she does, well, I expect to be publicly castigated and/or flogged.


Photo by Janet Webb

“Mm this looks good,” she said. “What is it?”

“Sangria,” Florian said, sliding the drink closer.

She looked around at the familiar, colorful décor, sighing happily. The Mirror Café was the first place she met Florian; he saved her when she fainted while waiting in line at the popular brunch spot. She drank deeply from the sweet drink and licked her lips.

“Mmm,” she said approvingly. “What kind of sangria is this, darling?”

“Apple,” he said,

Her eyes fluttered and she put a hand to her head.

Florian smiled, why settle for the princess when he could have the queen?

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*Florian is Snow White’s Prince Charming’s real name.

40 thoughts on “Eyes of Blue, Lips of Red, Don’t Look Now, You Might be Dead

  1. I love these updated fairy tales. But good god Ruffying a women is not the way to win her heart.Honestly this was nothing short of awesome. If anything Helena will be jealous she didn’t write it first. Oh right…..you better look out. 😉

  2. Are you two drinking without me? For shame. Nice twist, darling — going after the Queen rather than Snow White. If you had more room, I would have played with the Queen’s insecurities. “What about Snow White? Word on the street is, she’s the fairest of them all.”
    “Hmph,” Florian snorted. “She’s just a girl.”
    He looked into her eyes and purred:
    “I like women.”

    Just sayin’. This is what I’m talking about when I say there are only so many stories, you just have to pick the setting. You could create characters like I just wrote, and they wouldn’t have to be fairy tales. Just an insecure cougar who’s just about to fall prey to a predator even sneakier than she.

    (Just more encouragement darling, in hope that I might inspire you out of your writing funk.)

    • Well rats. The girl is supposed to be Snow White and the prince poisons her because he’s seeing her step mother. 100 words is never enough

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      • No, no, entirely my fault, darling. After a second reading, that’s quite clear. He’s giving her the ersatz apple by way of the drink.
        Also clever. Getting rid of Snow to go after the Queen.
        I like mine, too, but perhaps my conversation fits in another part of the story, where the Prince is seducing the Queen.

  3. Love it! Also, sangria is one of my favorite drinks. And there’s a nearby restaurant who makes a damn good one that includes apples….
    Uh oh…


  4. Well,the Queen would suit him perfectly-hope he is ready to praise her beauty till the cows come home;-)Great twist on the classic fairy tale and thanks for the info on “Florian” 🙂

  5. Very well-done and creative ujpdating of the fairy tale. I got the apple part on my second reading. I think he and the queen deserve each other, but I’m concerned about who will save poor Snow White this time. Perhaps it’ll be an alert, handsome, single doctor in the emergency room of the local hospital.

  6. Clever take on a classic fairy tale. Loved the story and the “mirror” cafe. So brilliant and charming too. Hope Prince gets there in time to save Snow and Florian will be eaten alive by Queenie.

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