From a Land, From a Faraway Place


© Dawn M. Miller of lingeringvision


“It’s the pink one,” Jas said.

“No way.” Al looked at the lamp in question.

“Oh yeah? Which one then?” Jas asked.

Al pointed out the squat clear one.

“You sure about that?” Jas crossed his arms, scanning the table. “You only get one chance, you know. We’ve only got twenty bucks.”

Al examined the selection. It could be the Asian inspired one, but that was too obvious. Wasn’t it? He reached out to rub some dust away but the owner slapped his hand.

“You rub it, you buy it!”

“Damnit,” Al said. “I’m never going to find that genie.” 


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly photo prompted writing challenge led by Rochelle over at her blog. To read other entries, click the froggy below, to post go to Rochelle’s site for all the information. Either way, enjoy!

41 thoughts on “From a Land, From a Faraway Place

  1. Ah man! And there’s me thinking I would be original!
    So glad I clicked and read you after my story 😀

    A very fun read. Nice one. (Great theme too… obviously) ;D

  2. Dear Hannah,

    I enjoyed your take on the prompt. Honestly, Aladdin never entered my mind when I was writing mine. Before I became facilitator I never read anyone’s stories before writing my own. I didn’t want to be influenced. If you happen to come up with the same idea as another writer chalk it up to GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike).



    • Rochelle,

      Thank you! I did watch it the other day, so it was fresh in my mind. I don’t want to be influenced out of my original idea or discouraged by more original ideas than mine, so I always wait! I certainly will!


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