Thicker Than Water

Friday Fictioneers you know the drill. If you don’t, go here to find the photo, write 100 words, and link back with the blue froggy. Read, write, comment, enjoy!

         At least no one will come in today, Jefferson thought, watching the waters rise outside the Food N More corner store.
        He scratched his chin, cursing his blunt razor, and leaned on the bagging station counter. He looked down at the toes of his Converse and froze. There, on the white toe and spilling over onto the faded green fabric.
         “Hey, Marty! I’m gonna grab the carts!” Jefferson knew Marty was back by the skin magazines.
        He didn’t wait for a response before he splashed out into the flooded parking lot, making sure the rainwater washed away all the blood.

31 thoughts on “Thicker Than Water

  1. …… and in the end should someone die? This kind of reminded me of Stephen King’s The Mist (if you haven’t seen this one, Hannah, honest to God, woman, what HAVE you been watching — stop whatever you’re doing and watch it!).
    Now, I have to beg the question — is Marty actually dead, and Jefferson’s just speaking for someone else’s benefit, or is the victim an unknown?
    I like the attention to detail with the white rubber and the canvas of the shoes.

    • I personally really like to leave my Friday Fictioneers posts open ended (much as it may annoy some readers 🙂 ) So there’s what I know about the story and then there’s whatever the readers want to make up about it. So either way, yes! There is more to the story.

  2. Oh, you left us hanging and unsatisfied in the worst way, W. But it does give my imagination scope and permission to roam while I’m making muffins in a few minutes. 🙂 (“Converse” would rate a “C” rather than a “c”, since it’s a brand name.)


    • I was feeling a bit evil–I like to make you guys guess and come up with your own endings, especially since they’re usually completely different from what I’m thinking. And thank you re: the correction–that one slipped by me.

  3. You have indeed left us hanging.And need more. Without which I envision a hold up gone wrong and the employees lying about dead. Jefferson’s partner Marty in the back stocking up before their getaway. Perhaps it is a good thing the storm is keeping others away.

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