“The Cure for Anything…”

         The cries echoed along the cold, windswept beach as two gulls fought some private battle of their own. The chill was tangible, settling on her bare arms, nestling in the tumbled tendrils of her hair.
         Shoes, dress, bra–they lay huddled on the ash-colored sand behind her, edges flapping limply in the wind. The first prickles of water on her bare toes were like electric shocks, shooting up her legs, leaving a trail of chill-bumps behind. The water enveloped her calves, thighs, hips, chest, chin, filled her ears.
         She reappeared at the surface with a gasp, sending the gulls into flight.

*The title comes from the quote by Isak Dinesen: “The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.”

27 thoughts on ““The Cure for Anything…”

  1. See, every once in a while I read one of these 100 word stories and think to myself: THAT’S how it’s done. That is all encompassing. The tale is told. We don’t need to know what the woman’s problem is, only that it is now cured.
    Very well done. The writing is solid and evocative.

    • It’s funny how different the story was the first time I wrote it. It’s all about the last sentence. In this version, she came up. Thank you–and I’m a bit proud of the title, you know how titles torment me!

  2. It could have gone either way — I was glad she resurfaced. I’m feeling shitty with a cold and the last thing I needed was a sad ending!

    • I saw that you’ve caught the flu–rotten luck, my friend. I will admit, I think of you whenever I consider killing someone now. It’s important to be reminded that not all good stories have to be tragedies.

      • “I think of you whenever I consider killing someone now.”

        Your honour, I’d like the record to show that I tried to dissuade Hannah’s homicidal tendencies, but some bloodlusts simply cannot be quenched.

  3. This is a beautiful piece full of excellent imagery. My favourite is the sentence: ‘ The first prickles of water…..’ that word ‘prickles’ sets the imagination going as for me i relate well to that idea.

  4. Dear Wanderer,

    And you should be proud of the title. A good one adds an extra punch to a story, though yours needed no help in that department. Mark this one down in your journal because it is one worth noting. I certainly will remember it.



  5. Dear Wanderer,

    A friend of mine is fond of saying that a good title adds another hundred words to a story. Yours certainly adds to your mult-layered story. I don’t know if it’s intentional but the end seemed to be a sign of new beginnings. You can tell me if I’m all wet. I really enjoyed this one.



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