All That Glitters

Friday Fictioneers is here and my tale is not one full of cheer. I hope you like it all the same and give thanks to the one who started this game.

         “Did you hear what happened?” Jenner said.
         “This weekend?” Ben set down his Thunder Grill menu.
         “Yeah,” Jenner grimaced. “It was Mr. Stein—used to run the jewelry counter in the mall.”
         “She’s still unconscious?” Ben asked.
         “I don’t understand; he seemed like such a nice old guy,” Jenner said.
         “You know what I heard?” Ben leaned forward.
         “That his eyes went all black when he was choking her? Yeah.” Jenner glanced towards the empty jewelry counter and shuddered.
         “It’s just crazy,” Ben looked back at his menu.
         Neither noticed the wraith of black smoke float into Jenner’s left ear.

Words: 100
Genre: Horror/Paranormal

23 thoughts on “All That Glitters

      • Don’t forget to pick up that thing in the registrar’s office today — I’m getting an image of papers — yes — papers with typewritten words on them — and then it all goes fuzzy. Wow, that’s mentally exhausting, darling. I think I’ve used up all my psychic powers for today.

  1. Dear Wanderer,

    Those pesky smoke wraiths are so elusive. Now I’ll never be able to eat at the Thunder Grill, in fact, Union Station is off of the ‘go see’ list. Thanks.



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