In Nomini Patris

I’ve been busy packing for my impending move to Boston and saying goodbye over and over to the same people (you could say I’m in denial) but I really hope to read everyone’s submissions this week and maybe catch up on last week’s Friday Fictioneers as well.

        The day was overcast, the sky hanging down like a sheet of lead. The scene only lacked a cawing rook and the wail of a ghost–or perhaps the glimpse of a face at the window, the madwoman of Thornfield. As eerie as the outside seemed, April knew that the inside would be worse.
        She walked into the cathedral, ducking under the bright yellow tape. The blood ran down the aisle and across the front of the church: a crude cross. The butchered body of some poor soul would be found in the bell tower.
        He grew bolder; April shivered.

37 thoughts on “In Nomini Patris

    • Doug,

      I actually wrote a longer story that had some similar elements–but it’s awaiting publication right now, so it won’t turn up on the blog. This, however, could turn into a whole new monster (pun very much intended) altogether! Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading.

    • If it gets written it will surely appear here! I had a story I’m currently working on in mind when I wrote this, but I’m not sure if it would really fit.

      Glad you liked it!

  1. Ten years later, Tour companies started adding the site to their “Most Haunted” tour. A young woman named Rebecca (everyone called her Becca, but never Becky) gave tours of the old church, where she had once watched, hidden in a confessional and terrified of discovers, as the killer, whose face Becca never saw but would create night after night in her horrid dreams, did terrible, unholy things to the young woman that Becca had been hiding from. Becca couldn’t cry out to save her sister, and that was the truth. Becca had lived with that horrible truth for too long, it seemed, because carrying that burden had proved too much for her to bear. Something had changed in Becca, and not for the better.

    • I don’t want to say that I love serial killers…but (in fiction) I rather do. There’s just something so interesting, albeit disturbing, about the mentality. I’ve read a Connelly book or two, probably need to read a few more!

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