In the Eye of the Beholder

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         “You see what I mean?” He shoved his glasses further up his nose, his scrawny arms flapping.
         Sienna made a noncommittal noise, dodging her date’s waving.
         “The existential crisis of the artist, the post-modern breakdown of society—it’s all there,” he said, stepping closer to the sculpture.
         Sienna surreptitiously checked her watch. Surely he would need to refuel on coffee soon. Although, it might make his flailing more erratic. She almost suggested grabbing a bite at the overpriced cafe.
         “I mean—this is historical.”
         “It’s a giant bee! And you’re an idiot,” Sienna said instead, as she walked out of the museum.

47 thoughts on “In the Eye of the Beholder

  1. The ” existential crisis of the artist, the post-modern breakdown of society” — this made me laugh, darling! You have no idea how many times I’ve stood in an art gallery staring at a piece of post-modern art and had to stop myself from strangling someone.

    • I just don’t “get” modern art—and I’m really okay with that. I thought you might enjoy the appearance of one of those modern day hipsters you love so much!

      Also, the things people spout all sound like complete bullshit. It’s a chair. Why is that art.

      • I’m with you both on this. At the Cleveland Museum of Art, one of the “masterpieces” is a huge painting of two different colors, one on each half. That’s it. Heck, my girls did better art than that before they were ten! Wanderer, you’re right about all the “stuff” that’s spouted about this “art.”


      • It honestly kind of reminds me of some of the things that pass for “literature” these days, too!

        I don’t want to look at art and think “I can do that” in the way one says “a monkey could do that.” I’d like to look at art and writing and say “Wow. That’s fantastic and I THINK, if I work really hard, maybe I can do that—or something like it.”

  2. Oh yes. I’m completely with Sienna here – this guy falls firmly into the kind of dates my MC used to go on before she gave up the game. I hope she’s luckier with the next one!

  3. Dear Wanderer,

    As an art school dropout, I relate to this. I heard enough of that existential nonsense to justify bad art and lack of talent to last a lifetime. Good story. I enjoyed it.



  4. Art is a broad term for items that easily could be labeled junk. I never got the understanding of all those terms and think many who believe they do are pretending.

    • I think it can all be a matter of taste and—like many other things—some people just have different taste! I don’t understand how some tangled wire can be art, but the artist obviously felt some powerful emotion while creating.

      To each their own!

  5. haha “It’s a giant bee! And you’re an idiot,” i would love to be able to say something like that to someone! ^^ ^^ really enjoyed this

  6. You reminded me that I was going to do a piece called ‘The Sentimental Artist’. I then literally forgot all about it and did what I did instead. But you would’ve appreciated it. I’m an artist myself but I hear what you say.

    • I definitely don’t mean to disparage art—modern or otherwise—more the people that pretend they know what the artist’s intentions were for a piece. It’s the same thing when people analyze literature and have no idea what they’re talking about.

  7. I like the idea of idiots and art. There is a wonderful expression about modern art: I could do that= yeah but you didn’t.

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