An Odd Request

Friday Fictioneers is the name, a story inspired by a photo using 100 words is the game. As always, our fearless leader is Rochelle and this week’s photo is from anelephantcant

      He looked at the bicycle, down at the paper in his hand, and then back at the bicycle. It was wedged against a tree; its shabbiness kept it safe from casual thieves. He sighed. Three hundred years should have dulled the edge of embarrassment.
       He pulled the bike away from the tree and glanced up and down the street. No one paid attention to the fair-skinned man in the three-piece suit. He glanced down regretfully at his newly shined leather shoes before getting on the bike. She always did have an odd sense of humor, the vampire thought, pedaling away.

37 thoughts on “An Odd Request

    • Could be! Maybe the werewolf is really the she? I literally just looked at the picture and said, “oh, hell, haven’t written a vampire fictioneers in a while.”
      Everyone knows vampires have a preference for italian leather…don’t they?

  1. If this were a Gram Parsons song (oh, don’t make me feel old, darling, just look it up and pretend you get the reference and spare me the embarrassment) it would be called The Return of the Grievous Dark Angel.
    So, dropping the vampire gauntlet again, are we? Haven’t we been here before, darling?

    • I will take that one as a compliment. It had just been too long since one appeared. I tried to think of what would be most incongruous on a bicycle and a vampire was what came to mind.

  2. Dear Wanderer,

    Vampires and bicycles. They go together like shepherd’s pie and ice cream. The visual of the vampire in a three piece suit on a bcycle makes me smile.



  3. I simply adored seeing his embarrassment, especially as I would have thought that the undead were pretty well beyond emotions like that – lovely job!

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