Gold Stars All Around

I’m going to take a page out of  Helena Hann-Basquiat’s book and spotlight a few blogs that have really caught my fancy since I started blogging regularly. This is not to assume that I have impeccable taste (I’m not saying I don’t…) but rather to introduce some blogs and bloggers that have had an impact on my thoughts and writing though we have never met. Each blogger is utterly unique and many are by turns lighthearted and serious.
        From writing tips, to squirrels, to conversations with characters, to admirably astute alliteration, they all have something to offer. I know there are various awards that circulate through WordPress, but as interesting as I find someone’s favourite book or what colour their socks are today, I prefer a little more substance to recommendations for blogs. I do not laud these lightly, nor demand that you visit their respective realms, but I hope that you will take a moment to look at each one and bask in the brilliance you will inevitably find.

As mentioned above, Helena Hann-Basquiat at Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Dilettante had this idea far before I did. While I still cannot remember how I stumbled onto this delightful (and occasionally devious) dilettante’s corner of the blogsphere, I’m so glad I did and I have never once looked back. Her style of recounting even daily mundane events is unparalleled and she will by turn make you laugh, shake your head in horror, and sometimes perhaps even bring a twinge of sadness. You cannot go wrong with any post of hers, but I suggest (as does she) that you begin here.

Morgan over at  I am a Heathen is a writer, blogger, and adventurer. A girl entirely after my own heart. Her forthcoming novel trilogy caught my eye and I read the excerpts–uncertain of what I might find. I was ever so pleasantly surprised and love her posts about her “everyday” adventures as well. She has quite the personality that cannot be contained on the page.

Jennie Saia is hilarious, but don’t let that southern charm fool you, this lovely blogger is also clever and very talented. Whether it is a post about her misadventures working in a restaurant or a poem that is NOT about her mother, she never fails to deliver. Her effortless style draws you in as if you’ve been friends for years and she keeps you there with her quick wit. Her skill at spinning tales is one I wish I possessed.

Ionia Martin at Readful Things is a Jack (Jane?) of all trades. If she’s not making me laugh, she’s making me think, or even teaching me something. She has a great sense of humor and I had a difficult time finding just one good post to link here. Ionia is a lovely blogger not only because she is talented, witty, and intelligent, but also because she always has time to join in discussions and conversations with her followers. Her author and blogger spotlights have led me to several wonderful blogs I now follow and her book reviews are always a good read.

H. Ken Abell at The Weltschmerz Collection has such a plethora of fantastic pieces that it’s difficult to know where to begin–I suggest you take your time wandering through his collection. It ranges from morbidly funny with What Fresh Hell to evocative with his short stories. The sheer amount of quality work should speak for itself, but I can’t resist giving H.K. a nod nonetheless. He never fails to deliver something surprising (sometimes shocking) and with a strong and utterly individual voice and style.

I have several more blogs to gush over, but I hope you take the time to peruse these at your leisure before I come up with my next round of praiseworthy posters.

14 thoughts on “Gold Stars All Around

  1. Ha! You actually made me tear up! What a lovely surprise from someone whose writing I greatly enjoy and admire. I can’t thank you enough for including me in such outrageously inspirational company.

    P.S. Just wait a few years, and then we *will* have been friends for years. Glad to know you!

    • Well, it always puts a smile on my face to see one of your comments and to read your posts, so it was a well-deserved inclusion!

      Just see if you can get rid of me, then!

  2. When I first started The Weltschmerz Collection, it was honestly a way to collect my work. I had a website before, but could never manage to find an audience. Now that I have one, I’m having trouble keeping up! Thank you so much for your praise, which means a lot, but for reading, and encouraging others to read, which means even more. I think I read a post in which Helena said something to the effect of “without an audience, we’re all just masturbating.” (She’s shamelessly frank, I’ll give her that!)
    You know, I’m not sure how to follow that sentence. The only logical direction I could take it in would be for me to thank you for participating in literary coitus and I do believe that would earn me a slap. And so I won’t say that. Unless, of course, I just did, in which case, I take no responsibility for what the creative part of my mind comes up with and my fingers type — that part of my brain is MUCH faster than my tact/social filter part of my brain.

    • This made me laugh so no slap (this time). Helena had a brilliant point, so I’m just doing my part to spread the blog…erm…love. Please practice safe blogging everyone…oh this is getting out of hand

  3. Am I really due more praise, darling? Well, I blushingly thank you as always, and hope I never disappoint.
    Thank you for your endearing flattery, and for your honest critiques!

  4. I feel really special right now! I can’t believe you did this. Thank you so very much! And congratulations to all of the other bloggers you listed here too. Wonderful people!

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