But I don’t LIKE change…

I just tried at least half a dozen blog layouts and I didn’t like any of them. So I came back to the current one that I’ve had for quite a while. However, I’m worried that certain aspects that come with this layout make my blog difficult to navigate. I would love some feedback from those of you who have been around and those who have just started following (welcome, by the way!).

5 thoughts on “But I don’t LIKE change…

  1. Now that you’ve added in the Beau’s Story header and updated the 100 word story page, everything is easy to find.

      • It is a shame all that goodness is hidden at the bottom.

        But! Your “about” page is much more interesting than you led me to believe! I love knowing the translation of your blog title.

      • It’s really quite frustrating…but I like everything else about the layout, so I’m sticking to my guns for now.

        Ah, I did forget about the translations! I’ve been touching up some of my other pages and the “about” may get a wee makeover soon as well.

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