Close Call

Friday Fictioneers is here again, see what tales we have to spin! With a photo from Indira Mukherjee, we write what our imaginations see. Click the frog at the bottom if you have the time and see what other stories you might find.

        The rumbling monster roared by him, a brightly colored blur across the otherwise peaceful street. The pavement was hot against his belly as he cowered, barely able to avoid the thundering bus. He lay on the sun-baked concrete, panting.
        The ground slowly ceased to tremble and he raised his head. In a flash he was on his feet, head swiveling as he examined the now-empty street and took a few exploratory steps. With a flick of his bushy tail, the little squirrel scampered across the street to safety where a cache of acorns was waiting.
         If he could find it.

53 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. Too bad he wasn’t a distant relation of one Rocket J. Squirrel — he could have flown over the road with Bullwinkle in tow.

    • This is true! Although he might have flown into the side of the bus instead. This was with Penny in mind–no one dies and the squirrel may even find his nuts. Acorns that is…

  2. That was a charming tale – from the poor squirrel’s point of view. it always terrifies me when that time of year rolls around the crazed creatures dive across the street in search of their Winter’s food. I once lived in an evil world where nasty men would run them down on purpose and laugh. That was the back woods of Northern California. They’d also shoot your dog if it came on their property….

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