Friday Fictioneers is here again with a photo from Managua Gunn.


       He stood at the palace gates. Not too close; he wasn’t fooled by the guard’s imitation of a statue. One wrong move and she’d use that gun to beat him into submission or put a bullet in his brain.
       He shifted, uncomfortable in his unfamiliar clothes. The bright yellow smokestack of the steamer ship bobbed steadily as the ship drifted towards the open ocean. He licked his lips once, squinting at the sparkling water. Any minute, now.
      The boom as the steamer exploded and captured the guard’s attention gave him all the time he needed to slip through the gates.

37 thoughts on “Gatekeeper

    • How odd! I didn’t see the comments, but I suppose I’m glad I’m not the only twisted little mind to think of it. Although, this is not an act of terrorism based on the character background I have in my head—potential downfall of the 100 word parameter!

      • OK, I admit I’m not a mind reader and the comment just happened a few minutes ago, so you wouldn’t have seen it. However, it seems to me that the steamer exploding is terrorism. But the general idea remains the same: created a diversion and slip past the distracted guard. 🙂 What you say about the 100 words is very true. Sometime people take my story or a part of it completely differently than I’d imagined it. Never a dull moment!!


      • Very true! And I think I jumped the gun on my anti-terrorism comment. The blowing up of the steamer was undoubtedly premeditated, and a very not-nice thing to do. I always like hearing the different interpretations—it’s always a good learning process, too. Oftentimes, something I thought was obvious is not or something I WISH I’d thought of people see in the writing.

  1. And we’re off and running! Yes! I could smell some suspense in there! This seems to make a super start to a great mystery thriller. Thanks for bringing this to us!

  2. Everyone (myself included) focused on the girl in the uniform. Yet somehow you pulled out the yellow smokestack detail. Good eye, and well done!

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