A Dress for Any Occasion


       A pink dress. That was just like her, choosing something so ostentatious. Something she would never wear. The fire escape clung to the old building with iron fingers. The dress fluttered halfheartedly, a butterfly with a bent wing.
       It looked strange, so clean against the old soot-stained stone. He knew she was up there, waiting. Avoiding the puddles, he walked across the cobbled street and came to the bottom of the ladder. He stared up at the dress, whirling in the damp breeze. The steely sky overhead promised rain.
       He grabbed the bottom run and swung himself up. He grinned.

Another Friday Fictioneers challenge from Rochelle. This week’s photo by Janet Webb.

32 thoughts on “A Dress for Any Occasion

  1. Is this a rescue? A forbidden rendezvous? An elopement? An escape? Not really sure what’s going in here, darling. Did I miss it?

    • That is precisely the problem I had with it. I settled on a secret rendezvous of the plotting and not romantic nature but it’s vague because I couldn’t quite decide. Cheating is the order of the day.

  2. You do lovely descriptions and I like that you left the story to fire our imaginations without revealing too much (and maybe you didn’t even know where it was going after this, which is fine and happens all the time!)


      • That would be something! It reminds me of an exercise I did in a creative writing class where we all wrote a short paragraph and then passed it to the side and the next person re-wrote it. The changes were fascinating!

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I feel like one of the great things about Friday Fictioneers—and the photos chosen–is that you can be open ended!

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    • Thank you! I ended up leaving his intent vague as I was not certain of it myself and I wanted there to be an element of something sinister for those that cared to see it.

  4. Suppose it depends on one’s state of mind what interpretation one puts to the implications of a dress outside and a grinning guy starting up the stairs.

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