The Author to Her Work in Progress

I reached 75,000 words on my latest novel in progress—after the realization that I had several gaping plot holes and that I had shamelessly used ridiculous plot devices to make the story do what I wanted it to do. All my disparaging of outlines is coming back to gnaw at me most painfully. I had to move around massive chunks of story and I have copious scenes and details to correct and re-write. 

As I thought about the bedraggled, snarled mess that is this novel, I couldn’t help but think of Anne Bradstreet’s poem. Thank you, high school English. Now, never fear, I won’t try to write my own version because poetry and I get along together just about as well as vampires and sunlight. At least the real vampires. The good thing coming out of all this is that I’ve got the fire lit under my behind to get this giant mess of crossed wires straightened out. Here’s hoping I don’t end up more twisted and confused than I was before!

6 thoughts on “The Author to Her Work in Progress

  1. I always end up with a huge tangled mess when the first draft is done, but that’s just part of my process (if it can be called that). Keep that fire stoked! 🙂

    • I usually throw my hands up and abandon my novels as lost before I get to the editing point, so I’m determined this one will not just be a 1st draft!

  2. I enjoyed reading even this description of the “giant mess of crossed wires.” My sympathies (as a fellow-writer who hasn’t even gotten to the 40,000 word mark on my so-called first novel, which, I fear, will never see the light of day)! Looking forward to reading your work!

    • I’m glad it resonated with you—and I’ve spent several years writing mass quantities of garbage that never make it past the first draft, so hopefully this one becomes something decent! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you! It’s been very start-stop for probably about that long. I’m hoping now that some of the plot holes are getting filled in I’ll be able to move forward without panicking about that.

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