Rotten Apple

This week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt.


      Jacob crouched behind the phone booth, hands shaking as he fit another round into his rifle. He heard the tramp of boots on the pavement and the laughter. No one else walked here so carelessly.
      Someone had plastered a sticker on the filthy plastic: “Old School Dirt.” Maybe it was a band before everything went to hell. He hadn’t seen an intact booth since he reached the once-proud New York City. If they found him, there wouldn’t be much left of this one. Or him.
      Jacob breathed deeply, ready to lean out and shoot all the bastards he could hit.

Genre: Postapocalyptic
photo: danny bowman

33 thoughts on “Rotten Apple

    • Therapy? He’s needs a quick lock up! Before he kills an innocent…
      (good story, but nasty, but in today’s unfortunate world – realistic, and please, everyone stop telling these stories and spinning this media because i worry how it encourages crazies to do these things… sorry) Randy

      • Randy,

        Since this is set in a post apocalyptic fictional future where Jacob is fighting for his life, the use of violence is necessary to the situation. I’m sorry if you felt that it was encouraging gun violence.

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  2. Darling, please tell me that Jacob is cast as a young Kurt Russell. You’re on fire, Hannah. On fire.

  3. maybe he’s the guy who killed my victim
    I saw Kurt Russel too
    congrats on winning the Pen of the Damned goodies / way to go
    I’m willing to write a poem / just for you or a loved one
    or do a write up about you on my blog – you chose and there’s no expiration date

    • You never know…he’s a man of few words and plenty of secrets.
      I must watch this movie!
      Thank you! Goodness, so many good choices. I will think about it and get back to you once I have made my choice!

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