Friday Flash Fiction Fun

If you want to do some whimsical writing and find yourself pondering the need for a prompt, then go visit Mr. Chuck Wendig and his latest “Flash Fiction Challenge: Smashing Sub-Genres”

The clever concept is to utilize his random number generator to roll the dice, selecting by random two numbers that correspond to twenty sub-genres. After finding out your flash fiction fate, it is up to you to meld, weld, melange, and combine your two sub-genres into a flash fiction piece of 1,000 words.

Yours truly was the lucky winner of Southern Gothic and Steampunk. Feel free to google/wikipedia those terms. This fun flight of fancy comes to a close in a week’s time, so get to work. And read the rest of Chuck’s entertaining and enlightening blog.


9 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction Fun

  1. Congratulations!

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  2. Sixteens must be common, because I randomly ended up with Dystopian and Steampunk (That’s hardly a challenge, but I’m going to try and give it a whirl.) Thanks for the link!

    • I cheated a bit—I had steampunk and technothriller and those seemed similar to me. The southern gothic part isn’t causing me many problems but steampunk—I’m sure people that know the genre will tear it apart. Oh well, live and learn!

  3. Hm. Perhaps. I did the roll for curiosity’s sake and got Splatterpunk/Dystopia. Obviously won’t be hard- very compatible sub-genres. Especially with my love of horror movies. But I don’t think I’ve ever written horror…..dammit. Now I’m all interested.


    • Also, if I’d gotten a third roll to combine and it was Steampunk or Southern Gothic, I could pretty much just write “Repo: Genetic Opera”

      • Hilarious. Write some dystopian splatterpunk if only for your own amusement haha. I would have had to google “splatterpunk” for sure. And I would DEFINITELY read Repo: Genetic Opera.

        I’m finding it hard to be balanced…I’m swinging more towards the southern gothic I think. But I’m also several hundred words over the limit. AS usual.

      • Hahahaha. I’ll probably go over the 1000 too. I think I may do it. I love reading and watching Splatterpunk. Dystopia I’m more picky about, but it combines so well 😉

      • I feel like Dystopia can put a cool twist on anything–it’s a cool idea. I was at about 1400—I have it frankensteined down to almost 1000 now 😉

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