10 Reasons To Be In Love With Boston

And I can’t wait to move there!

Thought Catalog

Like many others, I spent four of my most formative and drunken years in a deeply involved love affair with Boston. In the wake of Monday’s tragedy, I’d like to present you with 10 reasons to appreciate the city that I never really left.

1. Compared to Boston, every other city looks like a homeless person who just threw up on himself. Boston is seriously so clean that it’s confusing. Trash remains inside bins and the cobblestone looks like you could lick it. I mean, you probably wouldn’t want to, but it’s nice to know that you could. Ya know?

2. It’s a great place to fall in love. I’ve done it, and I’ve watched many others do it. I recommend meeting someone in the fall, snuggling through winter, and then being publically and indulgently adorable in the spring. Summer is sweaty and disgusting though, so consider vacationing elsewhere…

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